About Me

Exposure is the key to success in today’s music industry.


Adult Contemporary Promotion Including:

  • Mainstream Adult Contemporary
  • Hot Adult Contemporary
  • Modern AC
  • Soft AC
  • Adult CHR


With almost 50 years of experience in the music industry, Mazzetta offers expertise in all facets of the business and provides concise, all encompassing Consultation to his clients.Consider Mazzetta Promotion your ‘Virtual Label Director’. Mazzetta will address international licensing, a ‘sell in’ to China of your music as a Ringtone, terrestrial, satellite and internet radio promotion, in addition to creative marketing concepts to help you achieve what should be your # 1 goal, increasing your fan base.

Mazzetta’s expertise, dedication, passion and connections will have you making the artistic and career progress you have always deserved. More than radio promotion or a simple marketing plan, Mazzetta Promotion not only ‘talks the talk’ but ‘walks the walk as well’. Our full service approach and approach custom tailored to your needs, have frequently been described as ‘Music Advocacy’.

Syndicated Radio Programs:

Reach millions of potential fans through ‘talk radio’ interviews.

Mazzetta Promotion offers artists and bands the chance to be involved with amazing charities whose impact is felt and greatly appreciated in both the US and abroad. Additionally, it affords you an involvement that pays dividends through incredible exposure and the opportunity to once again grow the numbers in your fan base. While other organizations with a similar outreach are willing to address only the charitable work that they have decided to focus upon, the groups that Mazzetta Promotion works with are inclusive of our artists’ charitable work and the organizations that they support as well. Ask us how you can get in on the action!