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“Tom is an asset to any project he touches. I’ve known Tom for 25+ years and he is one of the hardest working and best radio promoters in the world. He will find a way to accomplish the goal; “can’t” isn’t in his vocabulary.”
– Amanda Alexandrakis, Founder of Music Promotion, Inc.

“Tom Mazzetta lives music and marketing. I’ve never met a person who cares more about their client’s projects than Tom. His style is such that he is able to open doors that most others are even afraid to knock on.”
~ Michael A. McVay, Senior Vice-President/Programming Cumulus Media

“Tom is ‘gets it’. He’s riding the next wave while the other guys are still trying to figure out whether or not to go to the beach. Every day the music industry faces new challenges and new opportunities. Success depends on seeing clearly these challenges and opportunities in real time. If you sit back, wait, and then react, you’ve missed the window. If you want to know what everyone will be talking about tomorrow, listen to Tom today.”
~ David Graupner, Former President TM Century-Jones Radio Network

“If you’re looking for a seasoned promotion veteran with a reputation based on effectiveness, honesty and committment, then look no further than Mazzetta Promotion. What speaks volumes about Tom Mazzetta is the amount of repeat business he gets. In this day, that is truly the mark of success.”
~ Mark LaSpina, AC-HotAC Editor FMQB

“I have known Tom for almost 20 years. Besides being the best promotion man that ever worked my records, he is a visionary on the pulse of the music business today. He is a good friend, I recommend him highly!”
~ Recording Artist, Tommy James

“I have known Tom for over 30 years. He’s a true professional and great friend of the music industry.”
~ Benjamin Hill, Sr. VP CBS Radio

“Tom Mazzetta is a true radio /Records man. An old school music guy who has a firm grip on today’s market and significant ties to the past as well. His advice, born of years of knowledge and experience, is well taken, as I have been fortunate enough to heed his words and have been rewarded by doing so. Tom Mazzetta is a true gem and I would recommend his services to anyone seeking the path to success in music.”
~ Dick Wagner, Guitarist-=Producer-Co-Writer-Alice Cooper DesertDreams Productions LLC Wagner Music

“Tom is as honest as he is devoted to his clients. He has that rare capacity to deliver whatever he promises with regard to the single he’s promoting. And here’s the bonus: he’s also a wonderful human being.”
~ Recording Artist, Dan Hill

“Tom’s vision to bring a record HOME, to the top is unpresidented in this day and age. His openess, honesty and willingness to work together is the lynch pin to success. Joe Cocker, Roberta Flack, Robbie Robertson, Joan Armatrading, Paul Carrack and many many other artists have all demanded Tommy to continue to do the impossible….BREAK RECORDS! this biz, it ain’t what ya know…it’s WHO you know!”
~ Dave Morrell, VP/Promotion SLG Records

“I have worked with Tom Mazzetta on numerous projects throughout my music & radio industry career. Tom is one of the hardest working promoters in the biz and one of the best! He’s the kind of guy who can take on any challenge!”
~ Scott Meyers, VP Entertainment & Syndication Tesh Media

“Tom is so filled with energy he could practically provide electricity for a small metropolitan city. Seriously! I’ve been working with Tom for a couple of decades now, and have always been impressed with his drive, his laser-like focus, immense creativity and team-player determination to get things done. No matter the project, this is a guy you want to have on your team.”
– Recording Artist, Dave Koz Just Koz Entertainment, Inc.

“When it comes to doing business with someone, there is THE BEST and then there’s all of the rest. Tommy Mazzetta is SIMPLY THE BEST at what he does. He’s a seasoned promotion man and a visionary when it comes to promoting an artist. I think if I recorded all of the names in the phonebook and turned it into a record Tommy Mazzetta would figure out a way to get it played and turn it into a hit. This man creates Platinum.”
~ Recording Artist, Dann Rogers

” Mazzetta Promotion takes the concept of teamwork to a new level. He is an experienced professional who commands respect throughout the music industry and who stays on top and out front with his clients, the guy never stops.”
~ Dave Mason, President, CM Consulting

“Tom has always delivered. You can trust his advice and you can bank on his insight and experience. His track record speaks for itself.”
~ Dan Larkin- Executive Producer/Consultant, Dan Larkin, LLC

“In addition to his expertise in the industry, Tom is a gifted ‘Ideas Man’ with great heart. Tom initiated a partnership with Freedom Alliance to create a remarkable Christmas memory, disbursing thousands of Mannheim Steamroller CDs to our troops serving in harm’s way and to our military wounded here at home.”
~ Pepper Ailor, Director of Programs – Freedom Alliance

“From charting” artists to charting new territories and new business models, from leveraging any and all new promotional opportunities towards client’s success, Tom gets the job done, consequently his clients stick with him year after year.”
~ Robert Singerman, North American Director, Brasil Music Exchange Director, International Business Development “88tc88” Consultant Canadian Music Week/CMJ Network

“A razor like focus, a flow of creative ideas, boundless energy and at the back of it all, integrity. Tom is a star at promotion and with a great sense of humor.”
~ Dr Phil Harrington, Founder Partner, (With Sir Bob Geldof)

“Tom Mazzetta is our “go to guy” for promotion. There’s a reason that he’s well loved and respected in this business: he’s passionate about the music, and he delivers. Tom has the relationships, the experience and creativity to get our music played. You won’t find a better pro to break your record. Give it to Tom.”
~ Susan Michelson, Desert Dreams Records